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This web site is an experiment an though some copyright material may be found here you are just as liable as any other place on the web to refrain from stealing and using other peoples work and making money off of it without so much as a "by your leave". To access these materials on this site you must register. If your registered then we have a deal. An electronic Texas handshake that will hold up in any Texas court. You will behave within accepted social norms and refrain from taking and using resources found here without permission and in exchange the privacy of all users will be strictly maintained in this domain by me, Bruce Jay Mack, hence the domain. Any hackers found to be wasting their time attempting to bore their way into my domain will be pursued to highest extent of the law and I'll see you end up in Juvenal hall and to any professional hacker out out there with their stealth spider worms and such, there's nothing here to steal and no reason to try to take me down and hold my domain hostage as all the passwords are salted and hashed so not even I can retrieve them and all the emails are encrypted with tripple-DES and 256 bit salted key. Only the US government and the like have the computing power necessary to break it. Enjoy!



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