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Main Page — 31.7%

[...] point for making variations Improve the accuracy and completeness of communications between all the role players Encourage DomainExperts to get involved with fulfilling these goals and to aid in the design of their requested feature or enhancement by creating and/or refining acceptance tests using the TestWiki . This is called Test Driven Development Explore new code frameworks What's New New Tree Planted - Database This is a starting point for database integrity verification, fixes, and utilities for both master and client databases. It was created to store [...]

Quality Assurance Role — 14.6%

Quality Assurance Role There are Two Kinds of Quality Software quality [...]

Stakeholders — 9.8%

Stakeholders This role is actually a collection of other role [...]

Wiki Content Feedback — 9.8%

[...] months. It's a good place to do some free thinking. I'm most interested in how we can encourage more role players to contribute and also get the word out. I believe this Wiki has a lot of potential. Do you agree? What role [...]

Sales Coordinator — 9.8%

[...] special breed and their success is keeping everyone quite busy. They are very self sufficient so of any role I suspect they will get the least out of this site but they could contribute a lot to improve communications GlossaryOfTermsAndPhrases . If this site gains enough traction and other role [...]

Developers — 4.9%

[...] changing requirements, and speed up turn around all at the same time? We need to get as many of the role players ] as possible to contribute in improving [...]

Instant Access — 4.9%

[...] discouraged from expressing their true opinions. For completely anonymous access use one of the built in role accounts (All of these accounts are associated [...]

Databases — 4.9%

[...] database should be uploaded here. Use a UNC path to the imsoftech domain instead so that only the intended role players will have access to them. The only [...]

Testers — 4.9%

Tester The testers Role gives them knowledge of the system at a much [...]

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