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The developers at the Software Provider are working hard to implement legacy solutions using the .Net Framework 4.0 and the latest and greatest components available to create the Solution to be the greatest solution specialized for the Industry. We have application and SQL programmers that have been working on the legacy system since the very beginning decades ago and new C# developers including a C# expert with over 20 years experience developing in the point of sale and supply chain industries interfacing both with various accounting systems. The first 10 years using C++ for client, server, and HHC platforms from the first version of WCE and PocketPC now known as windows mobile. The last 10 year developing client, server, and SOA systems in C#.
Even with all our talent and industry experience we still need to improve the flexibility, maintainability, performance, reliability, adding new features while at the same time as keeping up with the latest agile development methodologies. We intend to deliver better ans better software faster and faster. There are always trade offs when developing software. Faster delivery can sacrifice quality or the number of features and that goes both ways. The TradeOffTriangle illustrates this quit well. So how are we going make all the improvements, be more responsive to changing requirements, and speed up turn around all at the same time? We need to get as many of the role players] as possible to contribute in improving communication by developing a GlossaryOfTermsAndPhrases and using more code generation techniques that facilitate generating UnitTests and regression test suites. This TestWiki is where UnitTests and AcceptanceTests can not only be created by developers for the DomainExperts to use with their data and procedural steps but also for them to help design new features using test driven development. The test becomes the design the developers use to create objects and systems to get the tests to pass. Improving Communication with all participants is one of the best ways to speed up development by reducing turn around between developers and Testers, DomainExperts and support techs and back to the developers until we get it right. If the number of round trip goes from 3 or 4 times around to 1 or two times around then we just saved 25% to 75% of time spent.

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