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Test Driven Development

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What is test driven development?
Simple put,it is writing unit tests first then write the code that can pass the test. It was discovered by Kent Beck, a good friend of Ward Cunningham, so again we can go to Wards Wiki to see multiple points of view. It get's a bit technical at times and the bullet list below is an excerpt from Test Driven Development on Ward's Wiki.

  • Think about what you want to do.
  • Think about how to test it.
  • Write a small test. Think about the desired API.
  • Write just enough code to fail the test.
  • Run and watch the test fail. (The test-runner, if you're using something like JUnit, shows the "Red Bar"). Now you know that your test is going to be executed.
  • Write just enough code to pass the test (and pass all your previous tests).
  • Run and watch all of the tests pass. (The test-runner, if you're using JUnit, etc., shows the "Green Bar"). If it doesn't pass, you did something wrong, fix it now since it's got to be something you just wrote.
  • If you have any duplicate logic, or inexpressive code, refactor to remove duplication and increase expressiveness -- this includes reducing coupling and increasing cohesion.
  • Run the tests again, you should still have the Green Bar. If you get the Red Bar, then you made a mistake in your refactoring. Fix it now and re-run.
  • Repeat the steps above until you can't find any more tests that drive writing new code.

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