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Client Database Utility Scripts and Procedures

Database»Client Database Utility Scripts
  1. Backup and restore client security settings
    1. When to use this script
      • Use this script to backup client security settings before rebuilding the security setup data for the version of the solution being used. You can use the output this script to later restore the security setting
    2. How to get the script: (this link will only work from in the software provider domain so that only SupportTechs and Developers can access it: "\\aSoftwareServer\UilityScripts\util - copy security settings.sql' - If you are using VPN to get to the server you may need to use the IP address instead of the computer name becuase we come through another domain (?.?.?.4) where ? is likely the same as your machine (run->cmd ipconfig.exe)
    3. How to use this script
      • For this script to work in SQL Server Management Studio the default max number of characters to display for each column must be increased. You need bring up the options dialog using the tools menu (Tools->Options…)
        • Expand “Query Results”
        • Expand “SQL Server”
        • Select “Results to text” (that refers to the highlighted button in the image below. You need to have it selected as shown too)
        • Change max characters… from 256 or whatever it is to something big like 2000

          When you’re ready to save off the permissions run the script and save the text in the results window to a script file.

          When you’re ready to restore the permissions run that script file.

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