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Consultants are rarely seen in the office but they communicate with more people in the office then anyone else. If the SupportTechs can't help then they have direct access to the Testers and Developers too. Every client's infrastructure is different and setting up the server and all the workstations is just the beginning. Setting up Active Directory for a new Apps security system can be a challenge depending on how it is setup. The server may be on one domain and Active Directory could be on another domain and AD itself can be just a tree or it could be a forest. If the client has legacy software installed then the new updated can use that data and the DB Updater does most of the work otherwise the existing data must be converted and imported from the clients existing system. Even if it's a start up company there is a lot of setup data to create and customization's to configuration. Everyone does their best to give them prompt support to help a new client off to a good start.

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