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You can start adding content to pages and create new pages as soon as you register. You can use a fake email address if you wish but if you forget your password you'll lose access to all your history of changes. Wiki's are supposed to be anonymous so no one is discouraged from expressing their true opinions.
For completely anonymous access use one of the built in role accounts (All of these accounts are associated with the admin's email address and history is shared by everyone that uses each account respectively
User NamePasswordDisplay Name
SoftwareManagementSofwareManagementSoftware Management
ProjectManagementProjectManagement Project Management
SalesCoordinatorSalesCoordinatorSales Coordinator
BusinessAnalystBusinessAnalystBusiness Analyst
DomainExpertDomainExpertDomain Expert
QualityAssuranceQualityAssuranceQuality Assurance
SupportTechSupportTechSupport Tech
CityWorkerCityWorkerCity Worker
NewUserNewUserNew User
ExperiencedUserExperiencedUserExperienced User
Of course any user that puts any inappropriate content will be deleted along with their content quickly. To create a new page edit an existing page (click where it was labeled view code but after you register it will be labeled edit) either type a unique page name in square brackets like this InstantAccess. This is a link to this page but if unique it would take you there and give you the option to create the page. You may want to add spaces to the page name generated from the link. That is the Wiki Wiki style but you can also supply an alternate label like this instant access. See the WikiMarkup page and WikiMarkupTables page to learn formatting not available to the visual page editor. Enjoy!

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